Flight Experience

Your private flight has a wide range of benefits, which make everything more accessible, easier and closer than ever .....

Tamir Airways specializes in the unique and precise matching of its products to each and every one of its customers. From a flight for business purposes, through a flight to a private vacation to the need to get from one destination to another quickly, conveniently and efficiently.

Flying in a private plane or helicopter has a variety of benefits, which are reflected in a particularly enjoyable customer experience, completely different from flying in a regular commercial company and it is reflected in a repeated demand for the use of Tamir Airways’ services.

The ability to make intelligent and efficient planning of schedules tailored to the customer’s needs, enables the best utilization of the time of each and every one of our customers. We know how to build and outline the shortest flight path, as well as landing at hundreds of airports, even at non-central destinations and therefore the other commercial airlines, do not frequent them at all.

Beyond the ability to perform what is needed in the shortest timeframe, the private flight has a significant advantage, while the customer is required to land in several destinations, under a complex schedule, made possible only due to our flexibility and understanding of the aviation world and the special benefits it brings to business people.

When going on a private vacation, the flight with us allows our customers to reach directly to destinations that can not be reached through the other airlines. The ability to reach the vacation destination without being required to stopovers and roam between different companies and aircrafts is a significant advantage and in fact gives real meaning to the word “freedom”.

With the helicopters we own, which are equipped with two jet engines, each of the customers will be able to reach efficiently and quickly anywhere in the country, including unique and challenging places. This is also true for those who want to see the beauty of the Land of Israel from a bird’s flight, while relaxing in luxurious leather armchairs and a wide viewing angle from the helicopter windows.

We offer a quality and pampering fleet of aircraft, skilled and professional aviation crews and an extremely high level of safety. All this along with cordial hospitality characterized by fine catering, a bright and professional stewardess staff and a unique luxury atmosphere.