Premium Services

Personal accompaniment

When you choose to fly with us, recognizing and understanding that we provide the advantage of many years of experience, professionalism and meticulous craftsmanship, we will accompany you personally, from choosing the most suitable route for the flight, continuing to tailor the plane to your needs. 24 hours a day, in Israel and in any other country in the world, for every case and every need that does not arise. We will provide on-demand personal accompaniment to each client who will be required to do so, as well as accompaniment and accommodation in each of the lounges in Israel or abroad according to the client’s choice.

Aircraft fleet

The ability to maintain relevance and efficiency in operating an aircrafts fleet is based first and foremost on the accessibility and adaptation for each customer of the appropriate type and type of aircraft. This matter of course is based on the duration of the flight, the number of destinations including stopovers if necessary, the number of passengers and the nature of the flight requested. Tamir Airways has the largest and most diverse fleet of aircraft in the private aviation industry in Israel, including executive jets that can serve a single passenger, and up to a plane that will fly up to 26 passengers with exceptional comfort. In fact, our wide fleet, allows you the customer the real freedom of choice.

Mobility & transportation

The flight experience actually begins from the moment a person leaves their home. We offer each of our customers shuttle services from home to the airport, and from any airport in the world to the final destination. Tamir Airways serves a fleet of VIP vehicles, both in the private category for individual passengers, in the intermediate category and ending with mass transportation using customized vehicles. In each of the categories, a driver will be waiting for you who will know how to lead you safely to the designated meeting point.


Food is a lovely way to express love.

Understanding that love needs to be invested, we enlist the best professionals to take care of the food and beverage menu served as part of our flights. Our catering services are diverse, and reflect different types of food and beverages, all the fruit of the best restaurants and eateries in Israel and around the world alongside chef restaurants and delicacies.

The freshness, the variety, the quantity and the variety – as well as the customer’s ability to choose the type of food he prefers, are part of a holistic experience that puts us “high above everyone else”.