Additional Services

Tamir Airways takes care of
the small details

The Aircraft Fleet

Tamir Air Lines offers private flights
In a variety of aircraft and helicopters

Helicopter Flights

Private helicopter flights anywhere in Israel, flights
For business travelers, experience flights to tourists

Airplane Flights

Private flights to business travelers,
Private flight for a pampering vacation.

Tamir Airways Ltd.

Tamir Air Lines was established in 2004 and is today one of the leading private airlines in Israel.
Privacy and commercial secrecy, along with strict adherence to a high standard of service and a variety of needs, are of stone
The foundation of Tamir Air Lines…

Associated Services

Tamir Air Lines provides accompanying services to its customers, starting with transportation
In the inspection, booking VIP hotels from the client to the airport, VIP service
To customers, VIP transportation in various destinations, pampering catering, and more

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